Top 3 reasons, why you should start taking reusable bags, for your grocery shopping?


I am the primary grocery shopper in our family. Kroger is our favorite grocery store, just couple of miles away from our home. We plan and buy food for the whole week, shopping in the weekends.

After the COVID 19 out-brake, I go after 9 PM, when the store is deserted. I love to do the self-checkout and pay with Kroger Pay. For several years, I have been carrying reusable grocery bags and had reduced the consumption of plastic bags, by several thousands.

If you already use reusable bags, keep up the good work. Thank you and you don’t have read this blog. If not, please keep reading and consider taking reusable bags for your next shopping.

Let’s dive into the top 3 reasons, why you should start taking reusable bags, for your grocery shopping?

1. Reusable bags are Super Convenient

There is a wide-spread belief, that plastic bags are more convenient, than carrying re-usable bags. This is actually not true. It is the other way. Reusable bags are very convenient, than plastic bags, once you developed the habit of carrying the reusable bags.

You can fill a cart full of grocery, in just 3 reusable bags. How convenient is that? Just in 3 trips to your garage, you can bring all the stuff to your fridge. How inconvenient it will be to handle 10-15 plastic bags.

Even if plastic bags were convenient at the store, what are you going to do with those bags after you load your food to fridge. The very sight of 15 plastic bags waiting to be disposed, will make you feel ill-organized. Disposing them properly is more work too.

2. Reducing Consumption is better than Recycling.

There is another misconception, that I am already putting the plastic bags in my recycle bin. Isn’t that good enough to save our planet? No it is wrong. Read in one article, that only a percentage of stuff, put in recycle bin are actually recycled. Remaining goes to the land fill. An estimate says only 12 percent of the stuff are recycled.

There are evidence that plastic bags not only endup in the land-fill, but also land in forests and ocean floors, endangering many land and ocean species. Keep in mind that plastic bags do not decompose easily and they live for ever.

Besides think about the energy required to produce these plastic bags, and the pollution they emit.

3. Yes. We can make an impact.

Some people think, when already our system is encouraging us to use plastic bags, what difference am I going to make, by using reusable bags. Yes. We can make a huge impact.

Let us say you go 52 times a year to grocery store and on an average use 10 bags per shopping. By using reusable bags, you will be saving around 520 bags a year. If 10 families reading this blog, switch to reusable bags, all of us together will save 5000+ bags per year.

As more and more people start using reusable bags, we will be influencing other people, stores and politicians. Stores might come up with some reward programs for people using reusable bags. Politicians might enact more sensible laws to ban plastics.

Let’s Take Action

  1. Buy few reusable grocery bags. Press here to see my suggestions in Amazon
  2. Get few reusable produce bags. Press here to see my suggestions in Amazon.
  3. Remember to carry reusable grocery bag, when you leave your home for shopping. If you forget, do not shop. Drive back home to pickup your reusable bags. This will soon become a habit and you will enjoy.
  4. Thank You.

Self-checkout at Kroger

Since COVID 19 out-break, I love to do self-checkout. Now, I am an expert in using Kroger Self-checkout. Sharing my experience.

I open up the Kroger app and use the bar code to scan my plus card. Then I would attach 3 reusable bags, one by one (see the featured image). Every time, the system will confirm that I attached reusable bags. Not a big deal. Then I would scan and spread the items wisely in to those 3 bags. I love paying with Kroger Pay, by opening their app. Those 3 bags will fit perfectly in a regular cart. Then I load the 3 bags to the back seat of our SUV.