Top 7 reasons, why you should buy a Mazda?


I’m not a professional car blogger, who is paid by car manufacturers to review their cars. I am just a big Mazda fan and a proud owner of a 18 Red CX 9 GT. So, you can count my opinion before making the big purchase decision.

Are you in the market for a decent car, that does not break the bank? Select or Touring trims will be within your budget and you will get a good powertrain and all safety features. If you are looking for a premium cars like BMW, turbo charged models will satisfy your craving for power.

Without further ado let’s jump into the top 7 reasons why you should buy a Mazda?

1. Jinba-Ittai

Horse and Rider, Car and Driver. This is the key concept, at the heart of every Mazda.

We have owned several Mazdas since 2003. Every one them were driver centric cars, and you will feel them like an extension to your body. Traditional 6 speed automatic transmission, precise steering, floor mounted gas pedal, the dial knob, gear shifters and tactile feel to all knobs are some examples, that will create a bond with the driver.

Besides the sculpted wavy exterior exterior design with the multi-coat paint, creates a pride to the owner, even when the car is parked.

2. Safety

The new generation Mazdas are super safe. All Mazda models have earned the highest crash test ratings by NHTSA.

Also, most of the active safety technologies are standard across trim levels. Some of the notable active safety features include Driver Attention Alert, automatic forward Collison braking, Mazda Radar Cruise Control, BSM and Lane Keep Assist. Everything in Mazda speaks Safety.

Mazda’s I-ACTIV All Wheel Drive provides fantastic traction during rain and snow. Using a wide range of sensors to paint a highly accurate picture of the overall driving scene, including road conditions and the driver’s intentions, i-ACTIV continuously calculates and adjusts the amount of torque sent to the rear wheels. This enables secure take-off, acceleration, cornering and braking, without letting the tires slip in any direction—forward, backwards or sideways. Learn More …

3. Reliability

Believe it or not. Consumer Reports named Mazda as the 2020’s most reliable brand in North America, beating the next contender Toyota by 10 points. Mazda is #1 in the list of more than 50 brands, including many premium brands like BMW, Audi and Luxury brands like the Acura and Lexus.

Real world reliability. Kept our 2003 Mazda MPV for 14 years and driven more than 165k miles. In that 14 years of ownership, we were never stranded in road.

One guy in our CX 5 Facebook group driven more than 300K miles (not a typo, yes 300 K miles) in his 2014 CX5, without any major issues.

4. Upscale Interior

Newer generation Mazdas interiors are clutter free, upscale and plush. Bose Audio, memory seats, heated / vented seats, head up display makes it close to a premium car.

Almost forgot to mention about the super quiet cabin. Mazda had paid lot attention to insulate the cabin from road noise. Six speed automatic transmission is very smooth.

5. Best Handling Car

Driving Matters. Mazdas are one of the few best handling vehicles.

Precise steering lets you know where exactly the car is going. Features like G-Vectoring controls makes it easy to negotiate the turns. Gives more confidence when you drive in windy roads.

6. Fun to Drive

Zoom Zoom, Feel Alive.

While most of the other manufacturers had compromised their fun to drive aspects for a CVT, Mazda is still sticking to 6 speed torque converted Automatic Transmission. Mazda transmissions are fun to drive. You can hear the gear shifting and once 6th gear is reached, no gear hunting happens.

Turbo engines are amazing. No turbo lag and can propel a Mazda to achieve 0-60 in 6 seconds. Even our 4000 pound CX-9 can do 0-60 in 7 seconds. This engine is absolutely fun.

7. Dealership service experience.

Most of the dealerships are renovated. In the dealership I go, they are very friendly and now they have big two way garage. They treat me like a king, by bringing the car into the garage, handing over the key with a smile and a friendly chat.

Besides, all services costs less. And this coupled with Mazdas sound reliability, makes them one of the cheapest cars to maintain. Mazdas dealer service prices are significantly cheaper than premium car dealer service prices.

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