W3Cloud DJI Mission Control App


W3Cloud DJI Mission Control

W3Cloud DJI Mission Control is an android app, developed by me. It is developed using DJI UI SDK. You can plan, program and execute a mission in one of following 3 ways.

  1. Plan at home using google maps and import.
  2. Fly Drone and record its co-ordinates and its altitude.
  3. Predefined alogorithem to circle, go in square, triangle or in straight line, initially heading in the direction of the head of your drone.

Quick Start

  1. Press here to download and install.
  2. Open the yellow drone icon w3cloud mission app.
  3. Start DJI Mavic pro or Mavic pro2.
  4. Connect DJI controller to your drone drone.
  5. Connect your Android tablet / phone to the controller with the USB cable.
  6. It will ask to pick DJI Go or W3Cloud Mission. Pick W3Cloud Mission Just once.
  7. Open DJI mission app.
  8. You will see the cam view.
  9. Press the Mission link from the top action bar.
  10. In the mission frist press the locate button.
  11. Then press curcle button and plan route All distance are in meters. First try with a small number
  12. Then press start. Then you will drone will start flying the path and return back.

Download Here

W3Cloud Mission Control App Download Download V1.1.3


W3Cloud DJI Misison Control Screenshot