Mission Rosemont with our DJI Mavic Pro


The Mission

Fly our DJI Mavic pro programmatically from a near-by play-area to our home. The drone will be flying autonomously, crossing a lake and landing in our backyard. My daughter will be the co-pilot and will sport the drone and follow the approach checklist.

Mission Accomplished

Today (December 13th, 2020), accomplished the mission of flying our DJI Mavic Pro drone from a play area to our backyard, flying a distance of 900 feet, autonomously. My wife and two daughters helped spot the drone and encouraged me to go ahead with this mission. Without their help, this would have been a mission impossible:).

Key Info
Mission Date December 13, 2020
Distance Flown 900 Feet
Crusing Altitude 150 Feet
Speed 5th Setting about 15 mph
Mission Type Waypoint
Obstractions House, Lake, House, House
Software Used W3Cloud DJI Mission Control

Mission Details

The drone took off from the play area, passing through a lake and landed successfully in our backyard. I was on a Duo call my family, who were spotting the drone and watch it land in our backyard.

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