Ethics Applied - How we solved a dispute between our Restaurant and a Customer?


We live by the highest standard of ethics.

Thanks to Simon Sinek, for his book “The Infinite Game”. It is helping us become, even better with our Ethics.

Today, one customer gave 1 star review to a restaurnat. By asking right questions, we found the actual problem and resolved the disagreement in an ethical way.

This Indian restaurant don’t serve rice with their curries and the customer was mad because she was expecting rice. Restaurant owner was arguing that we should just simply ignore the review and move on. We fealt it is totally a reasonable customer expectation, as most other Indian restaurants serve their curries with rice.

Our Ethical Solution

In all their curry entrees, we added a new Side option, with the following choice None, Rice +2$, Naan +2$. Now, everything becomes very clear. If they pick none for side, it is very clear to them that the curry does not come with rice. Besides, unlike other Indian restaurants, this restaurant is now giving an additional flexibility to customers of picking Naan instead of Rice. It is a Win-Win Solution, that benefits both and Ethically Sound.


Initially when the owner called, he sounded ethically weak. But, after our solution was implemented, I could sense his Mindset change. At the end, he even called the customer, told about his new solution and gave some coupons for future orders.

How rewarding it is to us, to live by the high standard of Ethics. In your day to day work, life, family activities look for opportunities to demonstrate your highest Ethical values.

Have a great Day.