Subha and Karthik



Welcome to our personal blog.


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Put Subha into a room with few Post-It notes and some sharpies, she’ll walk out with a clear plan and strategy to effectively reach any goals.

Living by the principle of Mahatma Gandhi “Be the Change you want to see in the World“, Subha loves to spend time with family & friends, listens to podcasts & music, loves gardening & watching movies.


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I love my family. Subha, Sneha and Shreya. I am nobody, without you folks. Love my mom and dad. Miss you for being far far away. Thank you friends and family.

I love to code. I am a positive leader. Making a difference in the world, by being positive under any situation.

I love our red Mazda CX9. The projected heads up display. Stop & Go Radar cruise control. 2.5T AWD powertrain. It is a blast to drive. No drama in rain or snow. Super safe for our family.

I love to program and fly drones. Extened the DJI UI kit and wrote a mission control app.