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I did another round of research on the drone market. My criteria for a good drone are Brushless motor, GPS, decent battery life, parts availability and  some intelligent flight modes like return to home, follow me point of interest, waypoints.

Looks like in 100$ -300$ range there is only one company that supplies for everyone. Guess the source is mjxrc bugs. Bugs drones are remarketed in different names, Habsan, force1, contixo. Then comes Parrot, that makes 200$+ drones. They area no good and falls off the sky. Then in the  stack comes the Dji, which are by far the best drones.

My Top Picks

  1. DJI mavic pro
  2. DJI spark
  3. Bugs 3 (legend but no gps)or Bugs 3 Pro. Link bugs 3 Pro with camera
  4. Jjrc jjpro x5
  5. Bugs 5w
  6. Mjx bugs 2w (I own), Bugs 2SE coming soon.
  7. Hobsan drone