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I had a Mazda MPV, it is beautiful, uniquely designed vehicle. I would call it a crossover for that time. It was very comfortable,  handled great and fun to drive. Around 2014 started looking for a 3 row SUV. At that time, Mazda did not update the CX 9, for a long time and was not impressed, because of its terrible safety ratings. I was looking at other SUVs like Ford Explorer and Infinity QX 60. Somehow, I was delaying to pull the trigger, as I loved my MPV so much.

Mazda announced the redesigned 2016 CX 9, in the 2015 LA Auto Show. Since then I started following the CX 9. Looked into the reviews and started dreaming about a CX 9. I was convinced with a 2017 CX 9 and took a closer look at it. By then, people started talking about 2018 and Mazda announced more than 10+ small, but nice to have improvements, like stop and go radar cruise control, heated rear seats, seat height adjustment etc. Waited for few more months.

In November, decided to buy a CX 9 and me and my wife were debating on which color to go with, Machine Gray or Soul Crystal Red. We test drove on one dealership and decided to go with Red GT with black interior. We went to another volume dealer and got our dream CX 9 at a great price. This is one of the best decision, we have made. We love our CX 9 so much.

Why I love my CX 9

  1. My first reason to buy another Mazda is their  philosophies and future direction. Driver Centric cars, jinba ittai (Connects with the driver), Performance without sacrificing fuel economy, new slogan Feel Alive etc. I like the future direction of moving upmarket to compete with Audi and BMW.
  2. The Turbo Engine. Love the 2.5T engine. It is so fast to accelerate from traffic lights. In highways, this engine takes this 4000 pound vehicle straight to 85 miles per hour. With 310 pound feet of torque, it is just powerful.
  3. Beautiful outside look.  Sharp front grill, with a sharp chrome plating, gun metal 20 inch alloy wheels. Soul Crystal Red is a multi-coat paint. It emits different shades of red depending up on the light.
  4. Heads up display. Heads up display is projected deep into the windshield, bright big. Besides lane information, blind sport information are shown there. And it is really helpful.
  5. Stop and Go radar cruise control is awesome. It is implemented well and I use it all the time.
  6. Handling. This SUV drives and feels like driving a Mazda 3. Handles excellent, in snow and rain. Besides, it has a short braking distance.
  7. Class above interior: Love the black interior. It has soft materials, piano black and aluminum surfaces. It is very comfortable for long drives.
  8. Quiet Cabin. CX 9 is one the quietest cars in the world. Even on a windy day,  you wont feel a thing. Mazda had done a great job, in insulating the noise.
  9. Six Speed automatic transmission. Mazda’s transmission is well tuned transmission. It does not shift often and it is quite when shifting gears. Even when on cruise control, this car does not down shift like other cars.
  10. Five star crash rating in NHTSA.
  11. Great gas mileage.20 MPG to 26 MPG. This car coasts nicely. When I coast and drive it even gives 23 MPG on local roads.

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Customer Reviews

Other owners, rave the CX 9 just like me. In, it is rated 4.8 stars.

Hits all the right notes…MPG great…room for 7… dash looks way beyond cars double its price…drives like a 2 ton MX-5… the Machine Gray paint is the most amazing color seen on a car.

I was choosing between the Honda Pilot, Mazda Cx9, and the Jeep Grand Cherokee Lmtd. I am so happy I went with the Mazda

Best driving car I?ve ever had. Love the turbo!

The most comfortable car I own so far

World’s Best SUV

Traded Pilot for CX-9

User Comments floating in the Web

Q? I’m debating between a 2019 CX-9 Touring/Signature and 2019 Honda Pilot Touring AWD. I have a question, the CX-9 exterior is larger than the Pilot but cargo capacity is rated less. How is this possible?

A: I would definitely go and test drive both of them. We test drove many 3 row seaters but to be honest we never thought the Honda Pilot was contender against the CX9 so we never test drove or even looked at the Honda. What we did compare and test drove was the Acura, Volvo Atlas, Infinity, Lexus and Audi. Lexus, Acura and CX9 was our final 3. In the end, I just liked the look of CX9 better.

A2:I drove a lot of cars before getting the cx-9. The Pilot is more comparable to a minivan but he way things were so family friendly and practical. The signiture cx-9 was pretty comparable to luxury cars like the Audi Q7 but half the price and a little slower. So the way I thought of it… Why get a Pilot when the Odyssey looks almost the same and has more practicality; why get an Audi Q7 when you can get almost he same thing in a Mazda for half the price. That’s why I went with Mazda.