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For more than three years, we have been using re-usable bags for our grocery shopping. Proud to have saved nearly 1500 plastic bags so far. We believe this will have a some impact on our planet. We wish to inspire others to use re-usable bags and make an even bigger impact.

Reason One

Save 10 plastic bags a week, that is 43 plastic bags a month, 520 bags a year.

Reason Two

Easy to manage. Items that need 10 plastic bags can easily be put in 2 re-usable bags. Besides, there are some sturdy re-usable bags available, that does not roll in the trunk.

Reason Three

Consuming less is far better than re-cycling.

Suggested Reusable Bag

We bought the above bag from Amazon. We love these bags so much, even though they are little heavy. It has a got a strong base and can be folded. Grocery items don’t roll in the trunk.